One UI 5 also allows you to edit this stack by simply pressing and holding it to add/ remove widgets with ease. A few months ago, reports started circulating that Mozilla was developing its own streaming stick to compete with the Chromecast. For the time being, you must be running the nightly build of Firefox to use it, however. The new version should be pushed to your device automatically in the coming days. If you don’t want to wait, you can scan the QR code below (courtesy of Android Police) to download and install the APK manually.

  • You can download the nightly build of Firefox for Android from this page.
  • Also, the notification settings and clear options beneath the bars now have their own rounded box.
  • These tips include a small definition of the aspect and ideal values you should set them to for good results.
  • While the changes are minor, the icons now look more cohesive and in line with the One UI theme and design.
  • Android Police notes that the feature should work when the device’s screen is off, as well.
  • Firefox has today released an interesting “Developer Preview” version of their web-based Firefox OS.

Multi-tasking also gets a bit easier in One UI 5.0 with the seamless ability to drag and drop apps on either the top or bottom half of the screen to enable split screen mode. So no longer will you need to open the app switcher and press the split screen option to open two apps at the same time. Tapping repeatedly on the Intelligent Wi-Fi option opens up the network’s developer settings, which give you more possibilities. You can now access in-depth connection information, including your link speed, channel use in %, and various network-specific options. Moreover, there’s a handy new “Nearby Wi-Fi” information tab, which showcases all Wi-Fi networks along with their bands and coverage performance.

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If you already know what you’re looking for, use the table below to jump to the needed features. Google Keyboard offers a great many customization options, but dumping them all into one screen wasn’t the friendliest of ways to access them. The latest version, v3.2, splits them up into seven separate sections to make things easier to find. 🚫 AdBlock Web Browser
The Brave Privacy Browser App is designed with a built-in AdBlocker (pop up blocker).

  • Currently, leaving the YouTube app makes your video automatically pause.
  • These are not only for fun, but aimed at helping people become better mobile photographers.
  • To do so you had to visit the info page of each file individually and send or download from there.
  • Hidden under “Accounts and Backup”, users can now add multiple users in the form of various profiles.

We’ve seen a lot of leaks regarding Google apps recently, including supposed new icons for Android, new features for Google Now, and a new Gmail interface. This time around, Google+ user Yoel Kaseb has allegedly obtained screenshots of a completely redesigned Google+ app for Android. Version 2.2.23, which hasn’t propagated completely in Google Play but can be pulled from APKMirror (click here), includes the ability to send and/or download multiple files at once.

You can now try Firefox OS 2.5 on your Android device with a quick APK install

And there are a couple of ways you can access text extraction on Galaxy phones running One UI 5.0. Swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen with two fingers, and the app will immediately move to the top half of the display. While these lab gestures are also available in One UI 4.1.1 on the Z Fold 4, this makes multi-tasking easy on One UI 5. If you are in the habit of using the Edge Panel on Galaxy phones, there’s a new feature that will let you see the apps’ full names easily by toggling a button. One UI 4 had its own form of stacked widgets that were called Smart widgets.

Download Ups Rising 5 5.0 Android Apk

Google said KitKat 4.4 updates will arrive for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play Editions in the coming weeks. The app also adds support for eight more languages, most of them aimed at India. These are Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil (India and Singapore variants), and Telugu. Microsoft announced last month that its Cortana voice assistant would be coming to Android in beta at some point in July, but it looks like the APK has managed to leak out a bit early. And our first impression, frankly, is that there’s not really anything special about Cortana — especially when Android has Google Now, Hound, and other competitors to pick from. Bored with your current flavor Android, but don’t want to flash a new ROM?

Twitter launches tablet-optimized app, available first on latest Samsung 10.1 tablet

This means that you will be able to start a video within the YouTube app and navigate to another app and not have your content disrupted. Currently, leaving the YouTube app makes your video automatically pause. Android Police notes that the feature should work when the device’s screen is off, as well. However, if you want to use it while actively using your camera, simply point your viewfinder at the text and press the T Scan button that comes up. The system will extract text from the image, and you can tap your choice to select it.

Download Ups Rising 5 5.0 Android Apk

As we near the end of the year, Android 13 has been released worldwide by Google and is now available to download on Pixel phones. Now, various companies are bringing out their own Android 13-based skins, and the excitement is high. However, besides the newest OxygenOS 13 update, which is a rebranded version of ColorOS 13, has left users with a bad taste in their mouths. Samsung has also released One UI 5 in public beta in select countries, including Korea, US, and India, among others. Initially only available for the Galaxy S22 series, the beta has since extended to the S21 series. With certain interesting additions to the OS, One UI 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy phones is rife with some good features.

To help you further, the Pro Mode here now includes a histogram to enable you to see real-time light distribution. Other minor changes include the ability to use the telephoto lens in the food mode. With a healthy mix of exclusive and Android 13 visual features here, Samsung’s latest One UI 5 update proves to be a good refresh to this year’s software lineup. Based on the information available Android Police created the above mock-up, which shows how far away your car is, when you parked it, and of course, where you parked.

Download Ups Rising 5 5.0 Android Apk

There are times when you might be fluent in one language but not so proficient in another. For times like these and more, One UI 5.0 now comes with per-app language settings. While only available for a few apps right now, you can set different languages for different apps. There is also a new magnifier feature under the Accessibility settings. Aimed at making the phone’s telephoto camera a magnifier, the feature helps in visibility enhancement. As long as both your widgets are isometric, you can drag and drop and create a stack.

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro Now Getting Stable Android 13 in India

The ultimate objective of Buffet Boss is to become the ultimate Buffet Boss specifically. The game never ends, even though players gain promotions and experience greater success. Players can constantly upgrade their restaurants, learn new dishes, and attract more customers. As players constantly compete to become the best Buffet Boss, this feature makes Buffet Boss one of the most addictive mobile games available today. In Buffet Boss, players begin with a modest eatery and expand into a sprawling food court as they rise through the ranks and amass wealth, or so they thought. The difficulties of running a popular eatery, such as managing staff and accommodating a large customer base, will become increasingly apparent as the game progresses.

Brave’s free adBlocker protects you from ads which track you as you browse the web, securing your privacy. The Brave Privacy Browser is your fast, safe private web browser with ad blocker, private tabs and pop-up blocker. So you can very well have English on Google Maps while browsing YouTube in French. While originally an Android 13 feature, per language support in apps is handy nonetheless.

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Amid the slew of visual changes hitting One UI 5.0, the notifications are another area that have received a fair level of attention. The notification shade now has a slightly different look, sporting bigger app icons that stand out by themselves. The backgrounds can range from simple images and video patterns to AR emojis or even custom videos you create. Since this is the first time you can do this on some Samsung phones, people are understandably excited for this feature. So for those who have embarrassing videos of their friends, now’s the time to break it out. VLC this week has released the first preview build of its app for Android TV.

  • Within the YouTube app now, the settings option for background audio is hidden, but Android Police managed to reveal the options for a very brief period of time.
  • We’ve seen a lot of leaks regarding Google apps recently, including supposed new icons for Android, new features for Google Now, and a new Gmail interface.
  • Twitter has finally launched a version of its official Android client that is fully-optimized for the larger displays on tablets.
  • Buffet Boss’s ability to keep players entertained indefinitely is undeniable in a big way.