Playing a game with your staff might sound childish at first, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun now and then — especially if it helps bring your team together. For example, someone might hold up a framed photo of their kids and share a little about them. Or someone else might hold up an empty bowl and say, “I haven’t had time to do dishes yet.” It doesn’t have to be something profound. What we have on our desks can tell others a little bit about ourselves—or at least give people a laugh. Using a personality quiz based on the five big characteristic traits will help everyone get to know each other.

funny icebreakers for virtual meetings

Govloop has a counter-intuitive icebreaker that actually leads to lots of laughter. Tell everyone they can’t smile during the first five minutes of the meeting. You’ll be amazed at how humorous some people become when they’re told not to smile. Also, because Laughter On Call started in the healthcare space all their programs put mental health first creating a space that is compassionate, inclusive and downright fun! Water Cooler Trivia gives you and your team weekly trivia quizzes that spark conversation and competition. The trivia is super-customizable so you can choose the categories and difficulty that work for your team.

How to Virtually Meet in the Modern Business World

Rhythm Systems has conducted hundreds of virtual strategic planning sessions, weekly meetings, annual planning, and quarterly planning sessions via Zoom calls. Start by setting the tone with an icebreaker round of questions, which will create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable participating. This can be something as simple as going around the room and asking everyone to tell a short joke. If you’re holding a quick meeting but want to get to know everyone, try these quick ice breakers that take under five minutes.

  • Nominate the next person to make a statement and continue until everyone has had a chance to make a statement.
  • The participant then reveals who, if anyone, guessed correctly.
  • When your coworkers are ready for an icebreaker, ask everyone to imagine themselves as a store in a mall.

Introverts will appreciate this, as it feels more comfortable to share something in a pair, compared to the whole team. You can call it whatever you like – virtual watercooler talks, virtual happy hour – it’s your choice. This fun game is great for introducing new colleagues or getting to know each other better.

3. How to define good virtual icebreakers?

The real trick is for the leader to confuse players by giving fast Simon Says commands, then giving them a command without saying the keywords. This could work like, “Simon says touch your hips, Simon says hop on one foot, Simon says touch your nose — touch your ears! ” Whoever does the action (like touching your ears) will be booted out of the game because it wasn’t a Simon says action. Jenga is considered a classic game for a reason, and because it’s easy to play and put away.

What most folks don’t know is that laughing together also relieves stress, connects teammates and boosts productivity. The best way to use Water Cooler Trivia as a meeting icebreaker? Set up the quizzes so that the results are sent right when your weekly meeting starts. Then your team can celebrate the winner and laugh at the funniest responses as a light-hearted way to break the ice. Thousands of companies use Water Cooler Trivia to make their work week more fun and there’s a free four-week trial.

2. How to liven every remote meeting?

To successfully loosen everyone up and get them in the right mindset for a meeting, you might consider putting a short Pop Quiz on the board. As some holidays have cultural ties, keep this icebreaker for more commercial holidays. Making something with your team can be a great opportunity to learn something new and keep decorative mementos in your space. Have everyone follow the same instructions to make a craft like simple origami, a drawing, or painting by a designated instructor in the Zoom call or YouTube tutorial.

How do you make a fun zoom meeting?

  1. Spot the difference. One of the most interactive Zoom games to engage your team is spot the difference.
  2. Zoom in. Zoom in is a fun guessing game to get your teammates thinking.
  3. Meet gala.
  4. A trip around the world.
  5. Tell me more.
  6. Read my lips.
  7. Bet on it.
  8. Tic tac toe.

Allow attendees to leave their cameras on or off, whatever they choose. Some of the best online icebreakers include simple questions like, “Where are you tuning in from? ” games like two truths and a lie or charades, and activities like virtual dance parties and group exercise sessions.

Quick Ice Breakers

Everyone can contribute and so you’ll take an instant pulse check on how everyone is feeling before the meeting. Ask your team how they are in a different way this time – try it with a poll. It’s hard to predict, but this one could potentially get interesting, so our advice is to use only with established teams. Have everyone introduce themselves, and then share their nicknames and the backstories that go with them. Museum Hack leads online storytelling workshops that are fun, fast-paced and surprisingly cool.

  • The list continues below — read on to find fun icebreaker games, ice breakers for large teams, and more.
  • Paired with other culture-building programs in your organization, they can help build relationships and bring your team closer together.
  • See what everyone comes up with by using them as an icebreaker.